About NFEA

NFEA (Norwegian Society of Electric and Automatic Control) was established on 1st January 2018, as a merging of former Ifea (Industriens forening for elektro og automatisering) and former NFA (Norsk Forening for Automatisering).


The NFEA office has four employees, and is situated in Kristiansand.



The NFEA board consists of businessmen and -women who play an important role in defining the organisation’s strategy.  Students are also represented in the NFEA board, with one member.


 NFEA Statutes

When NFEA was founded, in  2018, as a merge between Ifea and NFA, a new set of statutes was established. It has 10 paragraphs.

  • 1 Name
  • 2 Purpose
  • 3 Organisation
  • 4 Composition of the board
  • 5 Membership
  • 6 Voting rights
  • 7 Annual Meeting
  • 8 Laws and regulations
  • 9 Statute changes
  • 10 Dissolution of the organisation

Unfortunately the text itself is only available in Norwegian.


Mission and Strategy

NFEA Slogan:

Passionately concerned about the competence of the future

through learning, sharing and networking.


NFEA’s values:

Provident – we understand the technology, and are at the forefront of development

Engaging – our activities engages through being inspiring and relevant

Generosity – we share competence and experience


Long-term goals (2018-2022)


We build competence within our subjects – regardless of educational background and age for our participants.



We create attractive and neutral meeting places for small and big businesses, academia and different industries.



We are well known within relevant academic environments (electrical, automation), and we are a mouthpiece for the subjects facing authorities and in the public.


Passionate employees

We are an attractive employer with enthustiastic employees.


Sustainable economy

We deliver activities which sums up to a sustainable economy, with an equity strong enough to meet with variations.


International engagement

We build relations with relevant organisations abroad to keep up with technology developments.



NFEA is a national organisation, however we have five regions representing us throughout Norway, all with a local board.

Region Grenland.  Leader: Agnar Sæland, Pepperl+Fuchs AS
Region West.  Leader: Bjørn Helge Ulland, Equinor
Region Rogaland. Leader: Ola Gulbrandsen, Eldor AS
Region Mid-Norway.  Leader: Jørn Jensen, Aker Solutions
Region East.  Leder: Fredrik Weberg-Larsen, COWI


Expert Panel

NFEA has a total of 13 experts connected.  These experts are either experts within their industry, or within a specific technology area.  For the next years we have experts within industries like oil&gas, infrastucture and medicin, and within tecnologies like digital transformation, robotics, cyber security and electical safety.  See the norwegian presentation for a total overview.



NFEA will cooperate with relevant actors to be able to offer an interesting and relevant portfolio of activities (courses, seminars, conferences).  Both national and international partners are being evaluated consecutively.


IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control)

NFEA is IFAC NMO (National Member Organisation).  This means that NFEA represents Norway in IFAC and vice versa.  IFAC webpage is found here.

IFAC arranges a lot of global activites within Automatic control.  They also have a number of gobal, technical committees where Norway also have representatives.

IFAC publishes 6 yearly newsletters, and these newsletters are distributed consecutively on NFEA’s website – to read or to download.


The NFEA Price

NFEA awards the NFEA Price yearly.  The purpose of this price is to promote competence in automation and raise the interest for technology in general.  The nomination process is open for everyone, and the winner is appointed by a jury composed by NFEA’s Expert Panel.

The price is an engraved cristal trophy, and a sum of NOK 25.000.  The pricing ceremony takes place in NFEA’s annual meeting every year in February.

If you want to nominate a candidate, please send us your nomination on an e-mail to nfea@nfea.no.


Honorary Members

Honary membership is given to people who have deserved attention for meritorious conduct to the organisation and/or for the automation and electrical subjects.

The winner is appointed in accordance with the statutes for Honorary Members, and the jury is composed by NFEA’s board.  The winner is publihed in NFEA’s annual meeting.



Both NFA and Ifea had a long history to look back on, although NFA was established first – already in 1958.  Ifea was established in 1971.  After years of competition between the two organizations, the two boards managed to decide for a merging process in 2017 which should be effective by beginning of 2018.

NFA was founded in 1958 as a response to the establishment of different regional automation societies throughout Norway.  As the IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) was established in 1957, it was natural to connect the new Norwegian ‘branch’ to the international Federation.  NFA, and now NFEA, has thus been an active member of IFAC for over 60 years.

NFA have always had a close connection to academia and new technology environments, a fact that is underlined by the close connection to IFAC, and the arrangements carried out in Norway on behalf of IFAC.

Ifea was founded in 1971 based on a need in the producing industry in Norway for a separate professional organization within the electrotechnical and automation subjects. Ifea established a number of professional committees which worked as consultative bodies and collaborators for the norwegian authorities within electrical safety.

Ifea established a number of regional boards during the 90s, and the regional seminars became very important for the growth in Ifea – with regards to both economy and number of members.  Ifea also played an important role in establishing NEMKO and Elektroforum in 1990.

Both organizations offered membership to businesses, and among other benefits – competence development to their members through courses, seminars and conferences.

Although the origin of the two organizations was very different, during the operating years it became clear that the activities and the competence that the members in the two different organizations were offered, was complementary, and even competing from time to time.  This lead the boards to the conclusion that it was time to merge the two organizations and make one administration to serve the total membership base. This lead to the founding of NFEA as of 1st January 2018.


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