Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference 2021

27.10.21 - 28.10.21

During the last years we have seen the hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this conference we will take it one step further showing how the industry has implemented the theory into technical solutions with emphasis on use cases and business value.

The examples range from maintenance through process optimisation. We will also cover some basics within data analytics, deterministic AI and computer vision and AI. The program will cover some new concepts and theory with practical implementation examples demonstrating how far we have reached.

The conference will be relevant both to early adopters and organisations still waiting to get started with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The presenters come from the industry, academia and represent both end users, research and suppliers.

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Program (the program is subject to change)

  • 09:00


  • 09:50


    Karin Sundsvik, NFEA

  • 10:00

    Creating value with AI

    Anne Marthine Rustad, SINTEF Digital

  • 10:30

    From condition monitoring towards autonomous systems

    Alf Isaksson, ABB Corporate Research

  • 11:00

    How to achieve ethical artificial intelligence research and development?

    Jim Tørresen, University of Oslo

  • 11:30


  • 12:30

    AI at TINE, beyond the hype

    Dag Madland, TINE SA & Bertil Helseth, Intelecy

  • 13:00

    Learnings from building a machine learning system for the petroleum industry

    Bjarne Grimstad, Solution Seeker

  • 13:30

    How computer vision and AI are transforming warehousing and the supply chain

    Fahad Azad, Pickr.AI

  • 14:00


  • 14:30

    Model based AI

    Prof. Emeritus Morten Lind, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

  • 15:00

    AI used to reduce emissions

    Emil Krabbe Nilsen, Kairos Technology AS

  • 15:30


  • 16:00

    Operation of Machine Learning Systems In Mission Critical Production

    Dr. Johannes Nehrkorn, Siemens Digital Industry Services

  • 16:30

    Human-interpretable, dynamic AI with an eye for the physics

    Harald Martens, NTNU

  • 17:00

    Networking in the Exhibition area

    – with aperitiff

  • 17:30


  • 18:30

    Conference dinner at Thon Hotel Storo

  • 08:30

    AI/ML from hype to hope and hurry up!

    Loek Vredenberg, IBM

  • 09:00

    Machine Learning on the Edge for Predictive Analytics

    Andrea Magnago , Crosser

  • 09:30

    ML-based crack detection in steel stuctures using drones

    André Ødegårdstuen, DNV AS

  • 10:00


  • 10:30

    FAST project - an expert system for condition monitoring

    Terje Lønset, Brunvoll AS

  • 11:00

    Digital twins on neural steroids

    Frank Rørtvedt, Siemens

  • 11:30


  • 12:30

    Practical use of machine learning to predict online analyze

    Per-Olav Hansen og Kim André Nilsen, Unger Fabrikker AS

  • 13:00


  • 13:10

    Synthesizing photo-realistic images from a marine simulator via Generative Adversarial Networks

    Lone Marselia Werness Bekkeheien, Sopra Steria

  • 13:40

    Machine learning, for a better society

    Lars Horn, Skanska Digital

  • 14:10

    End of conference



Anne Marthine Rustad | Research Manager | SINTEF Digital

Research Manager within Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at SINTEF Digital. Been at SINTEF Digital since March 2017. Came from Aker Solutions with experience from positions as: Specialist Engineer Technology, Strategy and Business Development Manager and Senior Strategy Manager.

Jim Tørresen | Professor | Universitetet i Oslo

Jim Tørresen er professor i informatikk ved Universitetet i Oslo. Han har jobbet med kunstig intelligens i over 20 år gjennom undervisning, forskning og ansvar for flere forskningsprosjekter. For tiden er han prosjektleder eller sentral forsker i tre Forskningsrådsprosjekter og ett senter for fremragende forskning. Han er medlem av Norges Tekniske Vitenskapsakademi og er også medlem av den Nasjonale forskningsetiske komité for naturvitenskap og teknologi (NENT) og arbeidsgruppen deres som har utredet forskningsetiske sider ved AI.

Fahad Azad | Product Manager | Pickr.AI

Engineering Product Manager at Pickr ai developing warehouse order picking robots using AI and machine vision.

Cofounded and lead cross-functional teams in a hard-tech startup for over 10 years. Helped raise over 10 million USD for startups in Norway, Singapore and India. Launched products in autonomous mobility and material handling industry leading to open new market and revenue for business.

In his spare time, he mentors Students at IIT Mumbai for Judging Robowars during Techfest since 10 yrs, select students to represent India at the First Global Challenge.

He has received Innovator of the year – TR35 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received full scholarship from Stanford Business School for Ignite Fellow program and is an honorary professor at Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Argentina

Claus Myllerup | Chief Technology Officer | Kairos Technology

Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of creating value for clients in the energy and mechanical engineering industry. Strong skills in leading knowledge workers through complex business change such as organizational development, technology maturation, innovation and M&A.

André Ødegårdstuen | Senior Researcher | DNV AS

Hard working, structured and versatile physicist. Particularly interested in modeling and simulations, computer vision and machine learning.

Lars Horn | Prosjektleder/Forretningsutvikler | Skanska Digital

Forretningsutvikling, både med tanke på nye forretningsområder / nye digitale løsninger eller FoU prosjekter. Drives av å skape nye løsninger som har et stort innslag av teknologi, og har et godt øye for å se de kommersielle muligheter i disse.
Jobber også som prosjektleder for store initiativer som FoU arbeid innenfor f.eks.. maskinlæring. Fellesnevneren er å bruke mulighetsrommet digitalisering gir for å skape bedre konkurransekraft for både på kort og lang sikt.

Emil Krabbe Nilsen | Business Development Lead for Power-to-X | Kairos Technology AS

Emil has extensive experience in maturing laser, sensor, robotic, automation and AI technology from global innovation projects as a consultant at IPU and a researcher at the Technical University of Denmark and Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining Kairos Technology, Emil spent three years of research on the technology used in Kairos’ products for real-time cause-consequence reasoning. With a multidisciplinary background, Emil is able to combine physical process understanding with experience in modelling, simulation and digitization

Lone Marselia Werness Bekkeheien | Product Expertise Engineer | Sopra Steria

Lone Marselia har fullført en integrert mastergrad innenfor Kybernetikk og Robotikk på NTNU, med spesialisering innenfor fartøystyring. Hun skrev masteroppgave om bruk av maskinlæring innenfor den maritime sektoren som hun skal prate mer om I foredraget sitt. Nå jobber Lone med cyber security og monitoring i Sopra Steria.

Harald Martens | prof. emerit | NTNU

Harald Martens was originally educated as an industrial biochemist at NTH, and like many bio-oriented people, he found mathematics and statistics boring and irrelevant. But after complaints that his chemical instruments produced «too much data», he felt obliged to ask «what is behind the data?»

Gradually he discovered that linear matrix algebra is perfect for modelling chemical mixtures, that data approximation methods from psychology are great for discovering unexpected variation patterns in technical data, and that graphics and simple cross-validation gives combined understanding and statistical reliability, even for big data sets. He became a chemometrician.

Over the next 50 years he has developed data modelling methods and -tools, and analyzed technical and human data sets in a number of fields of science and technology. He has been a professor at six universities and worked in several companies internationally. His data analysis research papers ( ) have now been cited more than 25 000 times.

At present he is prof. emerit. in the field of Big Data Cybernetics at the Dept. of engineering cybernetics at NTNU, and is the founder and research leader of the industrial process analysis company Idletechs AS ( in Trondheim. Despairing over wide-spread math anxiety in our society, and the dangers of using black box AI systems in industry, he is also involved in developing new ways to teach mathematics and statistics to math-averse students, under the slightly conspiratorial motto:

«The World is important. Math is not important. But Math offers wonderful tools for understanding the World».

Practical information


27.10.21 - 28.10.21


Thon Hotell Storo
Vitaminveien 23
0485 Oslo

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Press participates free of charge including lunch. If attendanding dinner a fee will be charged. Sign up by email:


Dinner will be arranged at Thon Hotell Storo. Price NOK  850,-. Please register for dinner before the event.


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Program Committee

  • Bernt Eldor | Kairos Technology AS (Chair)
  • David Anisi | NMBU
  • Bertil Helseth | Intelecy AS
  • Tom-Roger Stensberg | Triple-S AS
  • Karin Sundsvik | NFEA
  • Tonje Olsen | NFEA

Other information

Covid-19 Infection Control

To provide the safest possible conference experience for all participants, we follow current requirements and measures related to infection control.

HERE you will find updated information about guidelines and rules for Oslo municipality.

HERE you will find further advice and official information from the National Institute of Public Health.

Some of our infection control measures at this event:

  • The room has high capacity and has enough physical space for all guests to comply with social distancing.
  • Routines for surface disinfection.
  • Hand wash / antibac stations.

If you are ill or suspect that you may be infected, do not attend the event.

Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred language is English.

Presentations: A link to the presentations which we are allowed to publish will be sent to participants after the conference.

NFEA is not responsible for expenses participants may have in connection with the conference due to unforeseen events like flight cancellations etc. If we need to cancel due to Covid-19, all participants will be informed by email, and we will not charge any participation fee!