Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference 2022

19.10.22 - 20.10.22
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference 2022 takes place in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Industrial companies are currently in a tight squeeze between emissions requirements, efficiency gains, and also the ever-higher production costs. With digital solutions, we seek answers to the challenges, but the amount of data also increases with increased digitization. We know the insights are there in a mountain of data, but finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
How companies can use AI to gain insight, and how we can scale from proof of concept to operations is the theme of this year’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference.

We will focus on practical operational use of a potential high-flying technical opportunity, which is on everybody’s lips nowadays.

The conference is not only a meeting place, most importantly, you will also catch inspiring talks. We will cover the development of AI-applications with emphasis on use cases from our industries. We are just as eager to learn about the less effective use-cases as we are to hear the success stories.

A lot of our large industrial players  will share their experiences, and they will also inform us on their way forward. What is for instance the answer to the question: How can Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning bring their business further?

Hope to see you!

Illustrasjon: Tatiana Shepeleva / Shutterstock / NTB

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Program (the program is subject to change)

  • 09:00


    Coffee & Snacks

  • 09:50


    Karin Sundsvik | NFEA

  • 10:00

    AI with purpose – scalable, sustainable & industrial-grade

    Bernd «Benno» Blumoser | Head of AI Lab | Siemens AG

  • 10:30


  • 11:00

    How Yara implement energy optimization tool and scale across their ammonia plants

    Yongyos Kaewpitakkun | Yara International ASA

  • 11:30

    Factory to the cloud - our experience with utilizing AI

    Torbjørn Saltkjelvik | GC Rieber VivoMega AS

  • 12:00

    Cloud-based virtual flow metering system powered by a hybrid physics-data approach for water production monitoring

    Roberto Iberra | Cognite AS

  • 12:30


  • 13:30

    From WWTP to WRRF - Can the water service fee be reduced with machine learning?

    Hilde Johansen | Veas AS

  • 14:00

    Bad Data Analytics - examples of how you can overcome the challenges of real-world data

    Eivind R. Eide | Kongsberg Digital AS

  • 14:30


  • 15:00

    Operationalizing ML & AI models at Borregaard

    Martin Forsberg Lie | Borregaard AS

  • 15:30

    Panel discussion: «Data Scientist vs. Data Citizens»

    Chair: Bertil Helseth, Intelecy | Benno Blumoser, Siemens AG | Alexander Østebø Høiby, Yara International ASA | Martin Forsberg Lie, Borregaard AS

  • 16:30

    End of the Day

  • 18:30

    Conference dinner at the restaurant Lorry

  • 09:00

    Data-centric AI with Industrial Knowledge Graphs: How Semantics-oriented Data Readiness enhances AI at Siemens

    Veronika Haderlein-Høgberg | Siemens AG

  • 09:30

    How a pragmatic approach to MLOps put machine learning models into everyday use at Aker BP

    Peder Aursand | Aker BP

  • 10:00


  • 10:30

    Deep Learning/AI (Velux case)

    Marcus Glifford | SICK AS

  • 11:00

    COGNITWIN - Cognitive plants through proactive self-learning hybrid digital twins

    Adriaen Verheyleweghen | Cybernetica AS

  • 11:30

    Lessons Learned from Implementing Machine Learning in an Industrial Context – Case study of carbon anode core temperature measurements

    Andreas Simskar Wulvik | Idletechs AS

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Experience from AI in the Control Room, A Case study

    Bjarne André Asheim | Kairos Technology AS

  • 13:30

    Scaling predictive maintenance in heavy asset industries

    Karan Rajagopalan | Cognite AS

  • 14:00

    Deep Learning on point clouds for infrastructure inspection

    Ahmed Mohammed | SINTEF

  • 14:30



Benno Blumoser | Head of AI Lab | Siemens AG

Bernd «Benno» Blumoser is Co-founder and Head of the Siemens AI Lab, which serves as co-creation platform for exploration of Industrial AI. Being organizationally embedded in Siemens’ Munich-based Technology division, where around 100 experts drive its «Data Analytics & AI» research hub, it acts as Open Innovation platform where business stakeholder and domain experts are matched with AI researchers to jointly gain further orientation in the vast field of AI opportunities.

Veronika Haderlein-Høgberg | Senior Researcher | Siemens AG

Veronika Haderlein-Høgberg is Senior Researcher with the Semantics & Reasoning (SMR) Team at Siemens AG. The SMR-team serves as a strategic consulting and sounding board for the various Siemens Business Units and their respective CTO-offices regarding the development of end2end-services in Data Management, Data Architecture, Data Readiness and Machine Learning. In this role, the SMR works on projects, tools and infrastructure to help the Siemens Business Units enable their customers in leveraging their data for increased automation and efficiency.

Yongyos Kaewpitakkun | Senior Data Scientist | Yara International

Yongyos Kaewpitakkun is a senior data scientist in the Digital production team at Yara International. He has a Ph.D. in AI / Machine learning and many years of hands-on experience leveraging machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing models to solve challenging business problems.

Alexander Høiby | VP Digital Production | Yara International ASA

Alexander leads the Digital Production unit in Yara International ASA. Yara established the unit to further improve the operations across Yara’s global production site network. Today, Digital Production is building an industry leading enterprise data platform (on AWS). On top of the platform, the team develops or buys & integrates digital products in close collaboration with production sites – always focused on solving real operational problems.

Andreas Simskar Wulvik | Managing Director | Idletechs AS

Andreas works as Managing Director of the software company Idletechs AS that specializes in solutions for the process industry that combine data-rich sensors, such as IR cameras, with transparent machine learning and domain knowledge. By combining these three it is possible to gain a much deeper understanding of process states and product quality than before, and thus these solutions support near real time information that can be used for better control and optimization.


Peder Aursand | Senior Data Scientist | AkerBP

Peder Aursand is a senior data scientist who leads a multi-disciplinary team developing, deploying and maintaining machine learning models for interpreting subsurface data as part of Aker BPs digital umbrella EurekaX. In this role he is responsible for the full life cycle of machine learning from prototype to everyday use, including implementing and executing a pragmatic but effective approach to MLOps.

Adriaen Verheyleweghen | Senior Control Engineer | Cybernetica AS

  • Studied MSc ( in Chemical Engineering at NTNU 2010-2015, with specialization in Process Systems Engineering.
  • Master thesis on the topic of “Modelling and Optimization of a Two-Stage Refrigeration Cycle” with Prof. Johannes Jäschke as supervisor
  • PhD in the same group at NTNU 2015-2020
  • PhD thesis: “Control Degrees of Freedom for Optimal Operation and Extending Remaining Useful Life”
  • Work in Cybernetica AS as Senior Control Engineer from 2019-present, developing model-predictive control applications
  • Mostly worked with various applications for AkerBP and NMPC installations on their Ivar Aasen platform

Karan Rajagopalan | Senior Data Scientist | Cognite AS

I’m a senior data scientist at Cognite AS, Oslo. I’m a part of the Strategic Customer Services organization responsible for delivering value to the customers through our trademark product cognite data fusion (CDF). I’ve background in communication systems & signal processing and possess rich experience over a decade in analyzing data and generating insights from various industrial domains such as wind, aviation and manufacturing.

Practical information


19.10.22 - 20.10.22


Thon Hotel Slottsparken
Wergelandsveien 5
0167 Oslo

Venue: Gyldenlakken | Floor: -1


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Program Committee

Bernt Eldor | Kairos Technology AS (Chair)
David Anisi | NMBU
Bertil Helseth | Intelecy AS
Frank Rørtvedt | Siemens AS
Marianne Ytterbø | Yara Norge AS
Karin Sundsvik | NFEA
Tonje Olsen | NFEA

Other information

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Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred language is English.


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