Digitalization in the Automation Domain 2022

06.04.22 - 07.04.22
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Digitalization in the Automation Domain will give you an understanding on how Industry 4.0 will affect the evolution of automation systems.

In tomorrow’s industrial world, components, devices, or applications will be able to communicate and interact with each other . They work together seamlessly and interoperable – across company, industry, and national boundaries without a leading system. Digitalization Plattform Industrie 4.0 offers concrete technical concept and specifications to achieve this vision. The central concept for semantic interoperability is the Asset Administration Shell (AAS).

Automation systems is heavily influenced by what is happening in the IT industry. Platform Industry 4.0 is one major player defining a framework for the manufacturing industry. But many other important players like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF), NAMUR Open Architecture and Module Type Package are another examples of digitalization.

Communication Technologies like OPC UA and Engineering Technologies like AutomationML are important building block for the evolution of engineering. We will have a separate engineering session to clarify the role of these technologies related to digitalization.

So, with these, and many more important initiatives ongoing, we like to invite you to a conference where we have collected experts from many of these digitalization areas to talk about these exiting initiatives. There will be a mix of high level and detail level presentations.


  • New Automation Initiatives
  • Digitalization building Blocks
  • Engineering as part of I4.0 and the opportunities for the Automation discipline
  • Realtime and Digital Twin

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Program (the program is subject to change)

  • 09:00


  • 09:50


    Jan Munkejord, Equinor ASA

  • 10:00

    Keynote Speaker

    Morten Dalsmo, Konserndirektør, SINTEF Digital

  • 10:20

    IT-OT konvergering

    Gunnar Staff, Cognite

  • 10:50


  • 11:00

    Digitalization in Energy

    Torbjørn Folgerø, SVP Enterprise Digital, Equinor ASA

  • 11:20

    NAMUR Open Architecture, explained

    Henry Bloch, SEMODIA GmbH

  • 11:40

    Module Type Package, explained

    Henry Bloch, SEMODIA GmbH

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Field Device Integration, explained

    Trygve Harvei, ABB

  • 13:20

    Open Process Automation Forum

    Sølve Raaen, Kongsberg Maritime

  • 13:40

    Reference Architecture Model Industry 4.0 - RAMI and Asset Administration Shell

    Sten Grüner ABB

  • 14:10


  • 14:40

    Cognitive Digital Twins – Results and concepts from the COGNITWIN and Circular TwAIn projects

    Arne Jørgen Berre, SINTEF Digital

  • 15:10

    Edge in an AAS context w/touch of NOA

    Anders Veberg, Prediktor

  • 15:30


  • 15:50

    Properties, Semantic Interoperability

    Arild Waaler, SIRIUS (UiO)

  • 16:20

    UAO, Universal Automation Organization

    Sølve Raaen, Kongsberg Maritime

  • 16:40

    Sum Up Day 1

  • 16:45

    Aperitif & social gathering

    At The Hub. Duration: 20 min

  • 19:00

    Conference Dinner

    Kjøkken & Bar

  • 09:00

    Transform Complexity into a Competitive Advantage with Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence

    Jonathan Casey & Atte Poukka, Siemens Digital Industries Software

  • 09:40

    Life cycle of the digital twin - from agile engineering to networked operation

    Thorsten Jankowski, Aucotec AG

  • 10:20


  • 10:50

    How to automatically establish an automation system based on ET

    Ahmad Arsalan Pasdar, Kongsberg Maritime

  • 11:10

    Digital supplier integration a key to low& unmanned operation

    Svein-Edvin Håvåg, ABB

  • 11:30


  • 12:30

    OPC UA in the I40 ecosystem

    Steffan Sørenes, Equinor ASA

  • 13:00

    What to do if you are afraid of the dark – Digitalization in the electrical world

    Geir Nordvik, Equinor ASA

  • 13:40

    Bridging the language barrier

    Milenija Helgesen, Equinor ASA

  • 14:00


  • 14:30

    An AAS of a barrier management system

    Maria Vatshaug Ottermo, SINTEF Digital

  • 14:50

    Industrial Digital Twin Association – Standardizing the Digital Twin

    Meik Billmann, Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA)

  • 15:10

    "Data Sharing in trusted digital ecosystems: The International Data Spaces Association"

    Till Christopher Lech, SINTEF Digital

  • 15:30

    The end

Practical information


06.04.22 - 07.04.22


Clarion Hotel the Hub
Biskop Gunnerus gate 3, 0106 Oslo


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Education member kr. 4 000,-
Education Non member kr. 5 000,-
Non member kr. 10 000,-

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Program Committee

Jan Munkejord | Equinor ASA
Morten Dalsmo | SINTEF Digital AS
Sølve Raaen | Kongsberg Maritime AS
Robert Skaar | Equinor ASA
Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen | Equinor ASA
Karin Sundsvik | NFEA
Tonje Olsen | NFEA

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Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred language is English.