Digitalization of Automation Systems 2020

25.11.20 - 26.11.20

Digitalization of Automation Systems er en konferanse som tar for seg hvordan automasjonsfaget og -systemene forventes å utvikle seg.

Kontrollsystemer i industrien blir nå mer og mer påvirket av hva som skjer i IT-verdenen. Skillet mellom OT og IT blir stadig mer utydelig. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) er en teknologi som påvirker produksjonsindustrien i større og større grad.

For å regulere denne utviklingen er det noen viktige støttespillere som jobber med standarder, regler og regulativer. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision), IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium), Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) og NAMUR Open Architecture er aktører på denne arenaen.

I framtiden må du forstå forkortelser som OPC UA, AML, AAS, MTP, DDS, PA-DIM og Ontologi. Du må kunne vite hva disse faktisk betyr for ditt anlegg. Dette vil du få svar på under Digitalization of Automation Systems 2020.

På konferansen vil eksperter innenfor disse temaene snakke om utviklingen innen automasjonsfaget og automasjonssystemene.

Vi vil starte Digitalization of Automation Systems 2020 med å gi deg et godt overblikk over de ulike initiativene. Deretter vil vi gå videre med mer detaljerte presentasjoner. Samlet vil dette gi deg en grundig og verdifull forståelse av hva disse akronymene faktisk betyr i praksis.

Her finner du en oversikt over våre øvrige kurs og konferanser.

Program (med forbehold om endringer)

  • 09:00


  • 09:50


    Karin Sundsvik, NFEA

  • 10:00

    Digitalization for increased competitiveness

    Morten Dalsmo, SINTEF

  • 10:30

    Digitalization- what is it – not?

    Robert Skaar, Equinor ASA

  • 11:00

    Digitalisering: ferdig forsket? Akademia og Innovasjon i to hastigheter

    David Cameron, Universitetet i Oslo

  • 11:30


  • 12:30

    Overview of the IEC standards from Technical Commite 65

    Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, Equinor ASA

  • 13:00

    Open Process Automation standard. The minimum standard for federated process automation systems, using an open and interoperable reference architecture

    Snorre Larsen, Equinor ASA

  • 13:30


  • 14:00

    The drive for open architecture -pilot implementation of O-PAS, NOA and MTP

    Jon Kåre Solås, Phoenix Contact AS

  • 14:30

    Using Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) frameworks to understand, describe and implement Industrial IoT

    Steffan Sørenes, Equinor ASA

  • 15:00


  • 15:30

    OPC UA, enabling enterprise digitalization when OT meets IT. The relevance of information models and companion standards

    Øivind Rui, Prediktor AS

  • 16:00

    Existing TAG regime in the oil and gas industry is an obstacle for further digitalization. An Introduction of Structuring principles and Reference Designation for oil and gas based on ISO/IEC 81346

    Torleif Saltvedt, Equinor ASA

  • 16:30

    Slutt for dagen

  • 19:00


  • 08:30

    ISA-95 in IoT and Digitalization Era

    Swarandeep Singh, ABB AS

  • 09:00

    Application of DDS – in fish farming and other applications

    Rune Volden, FiiZK Digital AS

  • 09:30

    Standards and functionality for managing field devices. From EDDL and list of properties to OPC UA (FDI/PI-DIM) and related functionality

    Rolf Jenssen, Emerson Automation Solutions

  • 10:00


  • 10:30

    Digitalization in product development: How digitalization and digital twin enabled efficient development of XMT (Christmas Tree) handling system and secure critical operations

    Øyvind Stevenson, CDP Technologies AS

  • 11:00

    Electrical ambitions for digital transformation

    Geir Nordvik, Equinor ASA

  • 11:30

    Twin; in conjunction with Automation Systems

    Frode Wiik, ABB AS

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    From HART to digital twin – how to let process equipment keep the plant documentation alive

    Jon Kåre Solås, Phoenix Contact AS

  • 13:30

    Modelling of a IACS system

    Sølve Raaen, Kongsberg Maritime AS

  • 14:00


  • 14:30

    Secure Digital Factory

    Jan Munkejord, Equinor ASA

  • 14:45

    Oppsummering og avslutning



Morten Dalsmo, Executive Vice President, SINTEF

Executive Vice President at SINTEF and Head of SINTEF Digital, a research division in SINTEF, located both in Trondheim and Oslo with around 400 employees.Previously Industry Client Leader & Executive in IBM for a strategic client account within the Chemicals & Petroleum industries, responsible for the total customer relationship and experience, with broad general manager type responsibilities authorities. Prior to that, Upstream Petroleum Business Executive for the Chemicals & Petroleum industries in IBM, responsible for leading the development of IBM's upstream oil and gas solutions portfolio, working with sales teams to develop and close upstream solution opportunities and work with clients in the successful delivery of those solutions.Worked at ABB for 16 years prior to joining IBM in 2012. Led since 2008 ABB's Integrated Operations Department with more than 70 highly qualified engineers, responsible for delivering integrated operations solutions to oil and gas customers that increased their business value through improved operational performance.

Robert Skaar, Senior Advisor, Equinor ASA

Comprehensive experience in project management Broad miscellaneous education and experienceSpecialties: Project management of complex projects Contractul negotiations Commercial awareness Result and motivating orientated leadership

David Cameron, Coordinator, Sirius Centre for Research-based Innovation at University of Oslo

A business developer and leader of innovation with deep technical skills, proven analytical ability and a broad business background. I have more than 30 years of international experience as an expert in selling, developing and applying IT and automation to improve industrial operations.Process simulation expert and developer / development manager for large scale process simulation and optimization applications. Experience of oil and gas, chemical and metallurgical industries.Specialties: IT and automation strategy, business development, international sales and projects, process control, simulation, process dynamics, C++ programming, software architecture, software project management

Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, Principal Engineer, Equinor ASA

Work within the Automation network which is responsible for standarisation and the company technical requirement specification. Specially engaged in SCD, alarm management and automation LCI requirements. Support numerous ongoing projects on the matters. Participates in the introduction of requirements management through a database tool. Chair TC 65 Norway - Industrial processinstrumentation, control and -automation at Norsk Elektroteknisk Komite (NEK)

Øivind Rui, Vice Precident Information Management, Prediktor AS

Leading the G2M for Prediktors; World leading IIoT system - capable of carrying Information Models and Semantics for all industries.Former position as Solution Manager Navy in ABB Marine & Ports.A long carreer in Kongsberg Maritime where it`s been said: Øivind is a huge asset in topics related to Automation Systems and Integrated Operations

Swarandeep Singh, VP, Global Chemicals and Refining Lead, ABB AS

Mr. Singh has been with ABB since 2005 in various positions: Global Manager, Head of Section - Control Products, Senior Project Manager, Project Portfolio Owner and now VP, Global Chemicals and Refining Lead. Currently helping chemical and refining customers find a new balance between strategy and performance by improving their capital efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Rune Volden, CTO Integrator, FiiZK Digital AS

Previous: Research and Development Manager in Ulstein Power & Control. He has a PhD from department of Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU and BSc. H in Electronics from University of Manchester (UMIST). Junior officer school Norwegian Marine, one year service in submarine. Working experience: Assistant Professor at Østfold Engineering College, worked with control systems for hygiene product machines for SCA Mölnlycke in Tønsberg. Moved in 98 to Ålesund, where he worked in the team, which developed Cantor Controller accounting system program. From 99-2002 he worked with Tandberg Television,. From 2002-2003 he worked with ODIM Hitec, developing control system for Launch and Recovery Systems. 2003-2009 he worked with Rolls-Royce Marine AS with the development of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Joystick. In addition he established and managed the department for Common Control Platform. From 2009 he has worked for Ulstein Power & Control, contributing to modular bridge, bridge vision and system architecture projects. 2012 - 2015 Bridge Alarm System and Integrated Automation System projects, Supervisor for PhD and projects related to control of ship electric grid. General interest in applications of Industrial Internet of Things. 2009-12 he has been chairman of the board for Norwegian association for automatic control (Norsk forening for automatisering, NFA) and was board member to 2014. From 2015 NFA- now NFEA expert on Advanced Vessels. Since 2017 Rune has worked with Industrial Internet of Things for aquaculture, also being co-founder of SHM Enabling Technologies AS. Main topics are feeding and camera control systems, together with implementing software for remote operation centres. Also machine vision for fish behaviour and feed pellet detection are of interest. Since Aug 2019, the SHM Enabling Technology was sold out and merged into the new company FiiZK. Now being CTO Integrator at FiiZK.

Øyvind Stevenson, Managing Director, CDP Technologies AS

Managing a company that bring IT and automation together in a single development environment for the future control and automations systems. Experience from maritime, oil and gas and telecom in the companies ICD Software, Schlumberger and Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia).

Jon Kåre Solås, Application engineer, Phoenix Contact AS

Mr. Solås has been with Phoenix Contact since October 2010, both as Sales Engineer Automation and Application Engineer.

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25.11.20 - 26.11.20


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Ullevaal Stadion
Sognsveien 77C, 0855 Oslo

Konferanselokalet heter M4.


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  • Jan Munkejord , Equinor ASA (komitéleder)
  • Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, Equinor ASA
  • Robert Skaar, Equinor ASA
  • Karin Sundsvik– NFEA
  • Barbro Berg Bakken – NFEA


Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English.

Foredrag: Link til presentasjoner i PDF – format vil bli sendt ut til alle deltakere i etterkant av konferansen. Dette gjelder de foredrag vi får tillatelse til å publisere.

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