Digitalization of Automation Systems 2020

06.05.20 - 07.05.20

Save the dates, program will follow!

Automation systems is heavily influenced by what is happening in the IT industry. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one major player defining a framework for the manufacturing industry. Many other important players like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and NAMUR Open Architecture are other examples. In the area of international standards, IEC plays an important role.

If you want to cope with the future of automation, you have to understand and get a more hands-on feeling on what  acronyms like OPC UA, AML, AAS, MTP, DDS, PA-DIM and Ontology really means.

So- with these, and many more important initiatives, we would like to invite you to a conference where we have invited experts to speak about these exiting initiatives.  We will start the conference with superior, high level presentations to give you an overview, and then we will move into more detailed presentations to give you a thorough, valuable understanding of the topics.

For you to understand what will influence the evolution of automation systems, please join us for these two important days.


Program (the program is subject to change)

  • Digitalization in Norway

  • Digitalization and Cybersecurity

  • Digitalization- what is it – not?

  • IEC standards from TC65 Overview of the IEC standards from Technical Commite 65

  • Open Process Automation Forum The standard of standards framework

  • NAMUR NOA The Open Architecture initiative from NAMUR NOA/MTP

  • Industrial Internet Consortium Overview of the IIC initiative

  • OPC UA standard framework OPCA UA Companion Standards PLCOpen, MDIS, SCD, C&E

  • Common Asset Model, IEC81346

  • Requirements and Ontology

  • Industrial Internet of Things Overview of the IIoT initiatives

  • Dinner!

  • ISA95/ISO JWG24

  • Application of DDS

  • From EDDL and List of Properties to OPC UA companion (FDI/PA-DIM)

  • Use case: Digitalization of a PLC (NAMUR)

  • Kognifai

  • Twins

  • IT-OT Challenges From Sensor to Cloud

  • Modelling of a IACS system

  • Process Control Engineering


Practical information


06.05.20 - 07.05.20


Meet Ullevaal
Ullevaal Stadion
Sognsveien 77C, 0855 Oslo

Participation fee

  • Company member NOK kr. 7 000,-
  • Personal member NOK kr. 7 000,-
  • Education member NOK kr. 4 000,-
  • Education Non member NOK kr. 5 000,-
  • Non member NOK kr. 9 000,-

Cancellation later than three weeks before the conference will be charged with a fee of NOK 2.000,-. Cancellation later than 10 days will be charged with the full fee. Cancellation needs to be notified in writing to be valid.


We will arrange a dinner at Meet Ullevaal, May 6th. Price will be NOK 800,-. (more information TBA)


We have reserved some rooms at Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo. Bookinginformation: or phone number (+47) 21 49 69 00


Exhibition / logo

Logo in the program:

  • Members NOK kr. 5000,-
  • Non members NOK kr. 7500,

Program Committee

  • Jan Munkejord , Equinor ASA (Commitee Leader)
  • Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, Equinor ASA
  • Robert Skaar, Equinor ASA
  • Karin Sundsvik– NFEA
  • Barbro Berg Bakken – NFEA

Other information

Language: If possible prepare the written presentations in English. Each individual speaker may decide whether they wish to speak Norwegian or English, however the preferred language is English.

Presentations: A link to the presentations which we are allowed to publish will be sent to participants after the conference.

NFEA is not responsible for expenses participants may have in connection with the conference due to unforeseen events like flight cancellations etc.