Digitalization of Automation Systems PART 2


Seminar series from NFEA.

In a series of 3 virtual events, we like to address the topic of the Digital Factory and what it means to the automation society. This is part two in this series, and this time we want to focus on Information Modelling.


Automation systems is influenced heavily by what is happening in the IT industry. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one major player defining a framework for the manufacturing industry. But, many more important players like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Open Group and the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and NAMUR Open Architecture another example.

In the area of international standards, IEC plays an important role.

Communication Technologies like OPC UA and Configuration Technologies like AutomationML are important in discussions in the above-mentioned organizations.

So, with these, and many more important initiatives ongoing, we like to invite you to a conference where we have collected experts from many of these areas to tell about these exiting initiatives. There will be a mix of high level and detail level presentations.

For YOU to understand what influence these things will have on the evolution of automation systems, please join us!

Program (the program is subject to change)

  • 09:00


    Karin Sundsvik, NFEA

  • 09:05

    The drive for open architecture -pilot implementation of O-PAS, NOA and MTP

    Jon Kåre Solås, Phoenix Contact AS

  • 09:30

    Using Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) frameworks to understand, describe and implement Industrial IoT

    Steffan Sørenes, Equinor ASA

  • 09:55

    OPC UA, enabling enterprise digitalization when OT meets IT. The relevance of information models and companion standards

    Espen Krogh, Prediktor

  • 10:20


  • 10:35

    ISA-95 in IoT and Digitalization Era

    Swarandeep Singh, ABB AS

  • 11:00

    Standards and functionality for managing field devices. From EDDL and list of properties to OPC UA (FDI/PI-DIM) and related functionality

    Rolf Jenssen, Emerson Automation Solutions

  • 11:25

    Twin; in conjunction with Automation Systems

    Hans Bjarne Claussen, ABB AS

  • 11:50

    Questions/summing up

    Jan Munkejord, Equinor ASA


Practical information



Participation fee

  • NOK 1.000

Exhibition / logo

Digital Exhibition:

  • NOK 3.000 incl 1 participant


  • NOK 1.000

Program Committee

  • Jan Munkejord , Equinor ASA (Committee Leader)
  • Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, Equinor ASA
  • Sølve Raaen, Kongsberg Maritime
  • Morten Dalsmo, SINTEF Digital
  • Robert Skaar, Equinor ASA
  • Karin Sundsvik– NFEA
  • Barbro Berg Bakken – NFEA