Production is getting smarter: 5 emerging trends that will shape businesses over the next three years where the first trend is DARQ.

The Future Looks DARQ: 5 emerging trends to change business

Ship then shop could be the future mantra for the manufacturing industry – algorithms are already able to predict what you want before you want it, enabling companies to ship goods to your local warehouse awaiting for you to order them.

The equivalent to predicting what the consumers will purchase in the future is in the oil and gas industry called condition based monitoring, and is a type of predictive maintenance that involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure, and calculate remaining life of an asset.

This digital transformation of predicting what consumers, equipment and machines need requires smarter and tailored production to stay competitive.

Accenture’s Technology Vision Report 2019

The report identifies 5 emerging trends that will shape businesses over the next 3 years where the first trend is DARQ:

  • Distributed ledger technology: Transact without middlemen or trusted third parties, large-scale collaboration and transaction among strangers, self-executing smart contracts
  • Artifical intelligence: Automate business functions, scan unprecedented amounts of data, make the benefits of analytics more widely available
  • Reality (virtual, augmented, assisted etc.): New, immersive environments, on-demand and hands free information
  • Quantum computing: Solve problem intractable with todays computers, discover new drugs and materials, transform global cypersecurity

The 4 other emerging trends are in short:

  • Get to Know me: Unlock unique customers and unique opportunities
  • Human+ Worker: Change the workplace or hinder the workforce
  • Secure US to Secure ME: Enterprises are not victims they are vectors
  • My Markets: Meet consumer’s needs at the speed of now

Read full report from Accenture

Next Generation Factory and Work Force

To stay competitive in the digital transformation of our time, it is important that businesses are prepared to become the next generation factory which inhabits the next generation work force and adhere to these emerging trends.

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