Membership Information

NFEA works continously with networking, competence development and increased competitiveness for (norwegian) businesses. NFEA is a professional organisation within electrical and automation subject for businesses, privates and R&D/educational sites.

Membership benefits for businesses

  • Invitation to give lectures in conferences
  • Possibility to participate in program committees
  • Profiling of business in NFEA’s website with logo and link to own website
  • Discount rates on courses, conferences and profiling of own business
  • Custom courses/activities to your business 

Membership fee for businesses and R&D/educational sites

Businesses with 1-20 employees:        NOK 5.000,- /year
Businesses with 21-100 employees:    NOK 10.000,- /year
Businesses with 101-500 employees:  NOK 25.000,- /year
Businesses with > 500 employees:      NOK 35.000,- /year
R&D/Education/public  :                       NOK 5.000,- /year

Membership benefits for privates

  • Discount rates on courses, conferences and other activities
  • Professional education

Membership fee for privates

NOK 500,- /year

Membership benefits for students

  • Access to a professional network before you have started your career
  • Free membership until you have finished your studies (studentcard must be submitted)
  • Professional affiliation
  • Scholarships

Membership for students is free

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone +47 90 90 92 94  if you want to have more information on membership, or to register.


Eliaden 2024


Hver dag under Eliaden 2024 blir det seminar på Åpen Scene i Automatiseringshallen. Eliaden er en av Norges største fagmesser og arrangeres 28. - 30. mai 2024 på NOVA Spektrum

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