Auto-Maskin AS

Auto-Maskin (pronounced “Auto-Machine”) has been successfully protecting our customer’s investments for close to 50 years.

Developing solutions appropriate to needs, defining the next steps forward in a rapidly changing business and technical environment, by creating a team of experts who are leaders in their fields. Auto-Maskin has become the trusted supplier for solutions that require the best in protection, functionality, quality, and compliance to global standards.

Based in the high Technology sector of Skjetten, deep in the heart of the Norwegian fjords, Auto-Maskin has been building control and monitoring solutions linked to rotating and process equipment in the Marine and Industrial markets since the late ’60s. The privately owned company has grown significantly since those early days.

Now, with a customer base that stretches across the globe, our delivery partners range from national corporations such as Telenor, the Norwegian state telecommunications giant, or large multinational corporations such as Cummins Inc, to a tug Owner in the South China Sea. All have come to rely on the expertise and quality of Auto-Maskin.

Core competencies
Quality is a key attribute that links the critical key elements of the Auto-Maskin engineering and production teams. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, the team of engineers create imaginative and innovative solutions based on customers needs and definitions.

Utilizing appropriate technologies and unique components designed in-house, the teams supply quality assured solutions to highly demanding local and global standards such as Marine Classification Society rules. With production being strictly audited using automated test equipment at a number of trusted long-term partners, Auto-Maskin has a reliability and durability reputation second to none in their field.

Forward vision
The future for Auto-Maskin is linked to the changes in the world around us.  Increasing technology, reduced manpower, and expertise in the field means increasing needs globally for the core competencies of the organization.

Developing and using appropriate technologies to protect our customer’s investments, making data available to allow the best business and operational decisions to be made, whether that is locally or on a differing continent to the plant, are central to our vision. This means understanding new customer needs and regulations in an ever-changing and demanding environment and providing total solutions within market sectors to meet those needs cost-effectively.

These are the ways Auto-Maskin will serve its customers old and new in the future.