CDP Technologies AS

CDP Technologies is an independent software company, located in Norway. Our mission is to simplify control system development so that any company can create next generation industry solutions.

This mission has resulted in the creation of the Control Design Platform (CDP).

Since the beginning of our journey, thousands of the CDP systems have been deployed by our customers. Our product, CDP Studio, is a field proven and modern low-code software platform for developing comprehensive control and automation systems.

CDP Studio. Developed for developers.

Our journey

Our journey started in 2002, after a decade of struggling with modular, but limited PLCs on one side, and advanced real-time operating systems running on expensive, unexpandable hardware on the other. We recognised the need for a modular framework to fusion inexpensive, reliable hardware with software able to run advanced control systems. An idea to create a framework for advanced control system applications, was born.

The goal became to create a forward-looking development platform with the ability to interface virtually all kinds of electronic hardware for control- and monitoring systems, and the ability to use high level programming languages.

When Rolls-Royce Marine (RRM) selected CDP as their common control platform in 2004, it was based on a thorough evaluation by external software and quality auditors. Since then, thousands of vessels have been delivered with RRM equipment based on the CDP Framework.

The Challenge – From Framework to Studio

To be able to build advanced mission critical control- or monitoring systems, it was important to interface rapidly evolving hardware, develop protocols and APIs, software version control, ability to integrate open source projects and ensure secure interfaces and systems.

Built to last

The control- and monitoring systems of a machine or a factory is meant to last. Huge investments are made, and it is necessary to enable maintenance, extendibility and integrity of interchangeable hardware for 20-30 years. This was recognized as base parameters and built into the system architecture.

A new chapter – CDP Studio

From 2002 to 2010 CDP was licenced as a framework. To enable increased volume of installed licences the users reported a need for an integrated development platform. Further simplification and control of development was subsequently developed.

In 2010 we started the development of CDP Studio. In addition to original features it  now integrated a modern frontend, enabling creation of modern GUI, auto generation of code, integration with modern version control tools and real-time simulation.

To increase programming capacity, we opened a new office in Tallinn.

In 2016 CDP Technologies was demerged from ICD Software and CDP Studio was launched.

Our values

Our values guide us in everything we do. They are at the basis of our strategy, the way we treat our customers and partners, and the environment. They are at the very core in our culture, and we believe them to be the reason for our success.