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Drytech shall be a manufacturer of long-lasting, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare and can be eaten by anyone. The business will continue to build unique knowledge within our processes and technology as a producer of freeze-dried food. The organisation shall be an industry leader in light of the green shift we are facing.

As early as the 1970s, Drytech entrepreneur Rolf Hansen was a pioneer when it came
to bringing together sustainability and environmental perspectives as a key part of his thinking. He saw significant potential in the precious raw materials and local biomass that went to waste in the fishing industry that he knew so well.

Based on this insight, and not least as a food-loving specialist within the field of innovative drying technology, he developed his business idea; the unique freeze-drying method on which we still base our production. Naturally, it was important to utilise the raw materials, not to mention preserving the taste and consistency of the food. In addition, he focused on innovation in order to realise and reuse valuable surplus heat and energy from the industrial processes.

We are now building for the future
We are proudly carrying this ideology and legacy forward into the green shift.
We take our share of responsibility and apply global perspectives to our local work. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have a major impact on Norwegian politics and industry, and also affect our strategic choices. One example is goal 12 that deals with responsible consumption and production, where we must work to reduce food waste. This goal is pretty much at the heart of our business idea, but is still something we are developing and getting better and better at.

Over several years of strategic investment in new technology, we have managed to halve our total energy consumption. In addition, the energy we use is 100% renewable. This is great news for both the environment and for us. Our new factory is rigged for the future and for modern, efficient and energy-friendly operations. Our entire organisation is now working together to reduce environmental impact, knowing full well that our customers and our products thrive best out in the open and in natural surroundings.

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Adress: Ørnevegen 110, 9015 Tromsø