Framo Flatøy AS

Framo Flatøy AS is the manufacturing plant for Framo`s  oil & gas pumping systems.

For over half a century, our world-leading pump technology has revolutionized marine cargo pumping. Framo has supplied cargo pumping systems to the majority of chemical and product tankers worldwide, and are recognized as a standard in the marine industry. We are also driving greater short-term and long-term profitability in hundreds of oil and gas installations worldwide.

Our strong customer focus, unique pumping concepts, high-quality engineering and dedicated service ensures overall performance in challenging pumping operations.

Based in Bergen, Norway, Framo has been the recognized leader in pumping systems for the marine industry for more than half a century. Customers around the globe turn to us, both for pumps and for expertise in meeting their challenges. Discover our unique pumping solutions for cargooffshoreoffshore wind and aquaculture to find out why.

A partner you can rely on

For over 50 years, customers have put their trust in Framo’s unique pumping technology. But even more important is the trust they have placed in us.

We want to be more than your pump supplier. Our aim is to ensure that the reliability of our pumps is only equalled by the reliability of Framo as your partner. Framo experts are available worldwide and 24/7, and service is dispatched within hours of a call. Without exception, our focus is keeping pumps – and your business – running smoothly at all times.

Together with Alfa Laval

In 2014, Framo became part of Alfa Laval, an organization that has been pioneering solutions for the marine industry for more than 100 years. Alfa Laval is a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling. As part of Alfa Laval’s Marine Division, our pumping technology contributes to still more comprehensive solutions.