Global Control Center Design AS

Good quality products will take your project in the right direction, but equally important are the people handling it and their experience.
We at GCCD have realized this and have put together a solid base of people to ensure the best quality in project planning and accomplishment as well as service and follow-up after the project has finished.

GCCD is a provider of complete and customized control center solutions. Innovative solutions, combined with state-of-the-art products, create a new generation of control rooms. Our knowledge, products and services are meant to generate continuous information of value to all control room operators. Further to control rooms, we also have a strong focus on audio-visual- and furniture- solutions. We provide state of the art audio-visual solutions for both small- and large-scale systems.

– keeping the highest ethical standard
– putting quality before quantity
– deliver on what we have promised

Between us in the GCCD team, we have decades of experience in the audiovisual industry, ranging from large scale simulator installations to complex control and monitoring environments used in everything from oil rigs to traffic monitoring. This means that our customers can trust us in being capable of delivering any requirements they might have, everything from small custom solutions to large scale complex projects.

Audiovisual excellence is providing quality audiovisual solutions, as agreed and on time…

GCCD’s ambition is to provide the highest possible quality, service and products to meet all our customer’s needs and expectations – and then some.  You can count on us to do what it takes and go the extra mile. How will we achieve this? We will do it by:

– Continuously being in the forefront of new knowledge and technology.
– Being creative and innovative.
– Allying and attracting some of the best renowned suppliers in the industry.
– Never compromise on our values!

In 2019 GCCD was acquired by and merged with TechVision AS, which is a part of the 3C Technology Group. The new company has since kept the GCCD name to reflect our focus on control centers. Our mother company, 3C Technology and sister company 3C Technology Vest are established companies that provide turn-key audio-visual solutions. Together, we have a large base of both knowledge and manpower to handle demanding projects.

LOCATION: GCCD AS, Dråpen 16, 3036 Drammen, Norway
PHONE: +47 47 85 30 30