We deliver innovations that make your business more efficient, reliable and secure. We started selling electronic components in 1971, and our  success brought along challenges. To solve these challenges, we developed our own solutions and reliable business systems that are now recognized and used by multinational Fortune 500 companies.

RamBase – the complete business success platform based on a fully integrated ERP solution in the cloud. RamBase provides complete control by connecting the entire value chain and collaborating, streamlining and simplifying all processes. The result is reliable information essential to your performance quality and bottom-line success.
RamBase  – Everything Connects!

EMP Secure – provides smooth IT operations allowing customers to focus on their core activities. We have the most secure cloud-based system for handling and storing business-critical IT information & data. Hatteland has its own EMP-secure underground facility for optimal data security. Premium services built for the most demanding cases.
Securing Your Values!