iCsys AS


iCsys AS was established in 2014 as a sister company to Envirex and Envirent AS.

iCsys design and manufacture intelligent controlsystems (thereof the name Intelligent Control SYStems) for “remote operations” .

iCsys is not a “oil service company”, but the majority of the requests originates anyway from oil / gas and particularly within subsea where there is need for control electronics. Beyond oil / gas we also supplies control electronics to ocean research organizations and agriculture equipment manufacturers, and we can see there is potential for our range of control electronics within segments like renewable energy and remote inspection systems.

Contact us: 

iCsys AS
Postvegen 610
N-4351 Kleppe

Mail: sales@icsys.no
Mail: post@icsys.no
Phone: +47 514 22 222