Kairos Technology AS


Kairos Technology was founded in Stavanger, 2014 by Bjarne André Asheim. Experience made in the Eldor AS (Founding parent company) documented a need for improvement and change in the control room.

Based on the theories on Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM), a theory invented by Morten Lind, (Professor Emeritus, Senior Researcher) a long term relationship with  the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet was established. Kairos soon established another cooperation with DHRTC (Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre) for the research and development of the Kairos products.

Kairos Technology Aps was founded in 2018 in Lyngby, Denmark by Claus Myllerup to further strengthen and develop this relationship.

In June 2019 a milestone was reached when Proventure and Skagerak Maturo made an investment in Kairos Technology, providing a strong foundation for further development and growth.