Kronos Titan AS

The Frederikstad production site is situated in the industrial site Frederikstad at the mouth of river Glomma.

The plant was founded in 1916 with a production volume of 2,800 mt/y.

The plant has a production area of 60,000 m². The current capacity is 30,000 mt/y via sulfate process.

KRONONS Titan AS is the only producer of TiO2 pigment in Norway and Scandinavia.

The Fredrikstad facility employs 170 people, providing a safe and attractive workplace to develop skills that increase productivity and product quality. With a small and flexible organization and short reporting lines, personnel are encouraged to use their influence to improve all aspects of production.

The facility also participates in education programs with local schools, including practice training and project work.

Titangaten 1
1630 Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway

 +47 69 30 90 00