MacArtney Norge AS

The first sales office to be established outside Denmark by the MacArtney Underwater Technology Group opened in Norway in 1985. It was incorporated as MacArtney Norge AS in 1994 and represents a long-standing commitment to servicing the Norwegian market.

Housed in a modern 3000 m2 custom-built facility conveniently located in Forus, Stavanger, we currently employ 20 people in a variety of sales, workshop, administration, HR and QHSE roles.

We offer a wide range of design, engineering and project management resources backed by the global MacArtney network. We can design and deliver complex system solutions for applications in all marine market sectors. Projects combine our expertise in winches, cables, slip rings, terminations, fibre optics, design and construction.

Our hydrostatic pressure test facility simulates pressures experienced at depths of water at 3000 m (300 bar). The internal diameter is 450 mm and the internal depth is 1000 mm along with a 1000 kg overhead crane.

MacArtney’s own control software allows bespoke test programmes and repeated pressure cycling to be performed. This facility is available for daily or hourly rental.

The test pool is 5 x 2 m with a 2 m depth. It is used for testing smaller ROVs, cameras and other instruments.

Our large 500 m2 warehouse area provides enough space to store all the cables, connectors and equipment needed to support our workshops. The space also allows us to perform special projects, often in cooperation with our customer.

Our technicians have access to computerised moulding technology to produce high quality connector and cable assemblies for all types of underwater use. An extensive stock of cable and connectors helps ensure prompt delivery.

We also provide a 24 hour service – giving support and supply of equipment

The sales and sales administration teams have experience and knowledge to assist with all enquiries. The Norway subsidiary handles sales of all MacArtney Group products, systems and services in Norway. Offering locally based service on a global scale, MacArtney is always represented in the vicinity of our customers’ facilities. To identify and understand customer expectations, we provide technical assistance services on site, thus being empowered to intervene and make service and repair locally.