OKEA is a pure Norwegian development & production company located in Trondheim and established in June 2015. Since then OKEA has built a strong organization with a team of experienced people with the ability to innovate. OKEA shall contribute to the value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with cost effective development and operation systems.

OKEA is founded with capital contribution from four members of the management, as well as with capital originating from funds and strategic investments managed by Seacrest Capital Group.

OKEA does not intend to explore for petroleum but utilize the results of the previous and ongoing exploration activities. Among all the discoveries not developed, there are millions of barrels of oil that OKEA is committed to bring on stream in a strategic cooperation with key service companies.

OKEA will acquire shares in licenses without a development plan where we can contribute to implement a low cost development project, at less than exploration cost and co-ordinate several discoveries to share a production tool.