Omron Electronics Norway AS

Since our founding in 1933, Omron has pursued innovation driven by social needs, leading the world in innovative ideas. We will continue to improve lives and contribute to a better society by creating value for the future.

Headed by President Yoshihito Yamada, Omron has more than 36,000 employees. Omron manufactures and sells market-leading sensing and control products in 117 countries around the world, with a turnover of over 6 billion Euros. Our products include control equipment, electronic components, automotive electronic components, social systems, and healthcare.

As a leader in industrial automation, we have extensive lines of control components and equipment, ranging from image-processing sensors and other input devices to various controllers and output devices such as servo motors, as well as a range of safety devices and industrial robots. By combining these devices via software, Omron has developed a variety of unique and highly effective automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide. Based on its reservoir of advanced technologies and comprehensive range of devices, Omron set forth a strategic concept called «innovative-Automation!» consisting of three innovations or «i’s»–«integrated» (control evolution), «intelligent» (development of intelligence by ICT), and «interactive» (new harmonization between people and machines). Omron is now committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites by materializing this concept.