OTECHOS is an experienced company with roots back in industrial engineering and commercialization of new products within the energy – oil & gas industry, machinery and mechanical branches. We follow our innovative and environmentally friendly products from the early stage of idea to their specific markets. The company draws benefits from long experience and from being a small and flexible environment for creativity and knowhow.

The founders behind OTECHOS have several technology establishments in their records. All from early stage in year 2000 until today, they founded five technology companies. All have been into mechanical technology / products and machinery. From their first success, the CFT (Coiled Foil Technology) heat exchanger in Pleat AS (www.pleat.no) to the last and most known company, Quickflange AS with its unique cold weld technology for pipe flanges (www.quickflange.com), all which have created a global footprint in the piping industry.

Quickflange has received several technology prizes, for instance “Deloitte Technology Fast 500”, “NHO’s Innovation price 2010 (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) for innovative technology and business development” and finalist in the “DnB Innovation prize”.

From the very first cooperation between the two founders, there always been focus on new technology with a global potential and with IP rights (patented technology).

OTECHOS is such a company. The company has now several investors, where the two founders are the major shareholders. The investors, directors of the board and the management are all professionals and have long and wide experience in international business and industry. This will ensure that the rapid expansion of the company is under the care and guidance of those who understand and can react to swift and changing business needs

OTECHOS MilieuTech was established in June 2020 and is located in Tvedestrand. They deliver sealing products to a wide range of industries and has a strong focus on tailoring solutions to the customer’s needs.

OTECHOS MilieuTech has developed two products; DeltaV-Seal Intelligent and the ConeSpring-Seal.

DeltaV-Seal Intelligent is an intelligent system that has been combined with the superior DeltaV-Seal. This makes it possible to monitor the process piping system and it can detect pressure, temperature, flow, multiflow, vibration, etc.

The ConeSpring-Seal (CSS) is a new, very simple, reliable and cost-effective seal that can be used on all types of flanges with groves for metal seals like RTJ and API flanges. The CS-Seal consists of a single metal part only, shaped similarly to a cone.