Ulstein Blue CTRL AS


Ulstein Blue Ctrl develops and delivers future oriented and reliable marine automation. The X-CONNECT® platform is an excellent tool for system integrators, and the products built on this platform improve efficiency, operability and secures long-term value.

TELEPHONE +47 7000 8000

EMAIL bluectrl.orders@ulstein.com

ADR: Lerstadvegen 545 , 6018 Ålesund


Gunnar Gjersdal, Managing director; Tel: +4790624676; gunnar.gjersdal@ulstein.com

Stian Brautehaug, Manager operations; Tel: +4792082416; stian.brautehaug@ulstein.com

Espen Skjong, Manager RD&T; Tel: +4798681256; espen.skjong@ulstein.com

Kristian Fiskerstrand, Manager market & sales; Tel: +47 404 97 361; kristian.fiskerstrand@ulstein.com