Viper Innovations Ltd

Viper Innovations provides control system distribution solutions for global industries.  We are recognised as one of the most innovative companies within the subsea oil & gas and rail transportation sectors, having won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation among other industry accolades.

Our product and service offering covers the full life of field from providing expert system level input at FEED study, to the design and supply of hardware, and on to asset integrity management of installed equipment. Viper Innovations takes pride in providing cutting-edge distribution technology and expert level consultancy services to provide practical solutions for the real problems our clients experience on a day to day basis.

One of the major challenges facing operators is electrical Insulation Resistance failures, resulting in potential loss of production. Our solution to this industry-wide problem is V-LIFE, which operates as both a preventative measure and active ‘healer’ of insulation. The topside installed V-LIFE enabled V-LIM deploys an electro-kinetic and electrochemical process which minimises and mitigates the effect of water ingress into the insulation and increases the IR of the system. No subsea intervention is required.