Kongsberg Digital – Maritime Simulation


Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil & gas and utilities. Together with the rest of KONGSBERG, Kongsberg Digital offers solutions within autonomy, smart data, augmented reality and other areas.

Kongsberg Digital Maritime Simulation build on more than 50 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art maritime simulation solutions for education and training, supporting safe, sustainable and efficient operations at sea. The accuracy of our simulators, makes them also ideal for pre-mission planning, feasibility studies and research projects like, autonomous vessel operations, port development, fuel economy, accident investigation and human factor studies.

Through our digital platform K-Sim Connect we offer a range of cloud-based simulation solutions for maritime education and training. Our cloud-based training solutions enables you as instructor to provide your students with engaging and realistic exercises for practice anytime and anywhere.

K-Sim Connect is the digital plattform through which KONGSBERG provides its cloud-based simulation solutions for maritime education and training.

On this platform, we currently offer a range of subscription-based solutions of benefit to the users, and we are continuously creating additional services for the community.

Solutions available today:

  • E-Learning modules of the existing K-Sim simulators
  • Library of K-Sim Engine, K-Sim Cargo models
  • Library of K-Sim Navigation vessel models
  • Library of geographical exercise areas
  • Remote simulator training solutions
  • Latest simulation news, user stories and research articles
  • Information and invitations to User Conferences